seen 66f3a24dd5403238838146bf7e526640ecb65ed7
jch d9855b418b6ffe688a28097b01b040003bf6233f
next b3809f4674cea6e2f5db8a478a39b85851690c7d
master 4a0fcf9f760c9774be77f51e1e88a7499b53d2e2
master@{1} 101b3204f37606972b40fc17dec84560c22f69f6

Uncovered code in 'seen' not in 'jch'

seen 66f3a24dd5403238838146bf7e526640ecb65ed7
jch d9855b418b6ffe688a28097b01b040003bf6233f


9aadf776 90 return error_errno(_("cannot open file '%s' in mode '%s'"), path, mode);
9aadf776 95 fclose(fp);
9aadf776 96 return error_errno(_("could not write to file '%s'"), path);
587c9fac 492 return error_errno(_("failed to write to '%s'"), git_path_bisect_log());
587c9fac 521 return error_errno(_("could not open '%s' for appending"),
f0bf9482 734 return BISECT_FAILED;
f0bf9482 755 res = BISECT_FAILED;
f0bf9482 767 res = BISECT_FAILED;
f0bf9482 779 res = BISECT_FAILED;
05a69202 822 fprintf(stderr, _("You need to start by \"git bisect "
05a69202 825 if (!isatty(STDIN_FILENO))
05a69202 826 return 1;
05a69202 833 yesno = git_prompt(_("Do you want me to do it for you "
05a69202 835 if (starts_with(yesno, _("n")) || starts_with(yesno, _("N")))
05a69202 836 return 1;
05a69202 838 return bisect_start(terms, 0, NULL, 0);
10520dbf 873 return BISECT_FAILED;
10520dbf 889 oid_array_clear(&revs);
10520dbf 890 return BISECT_FAILED;


e26e8bfc 579 if (file_exists(sparse_file)) {
e26e8bfc 583 free(sparse_file);
e26e8bfc 584 free(patterns);
e26e8bfc 585 return NULL;


933f1b2e 42 printf(_("no commands configured for hook '%s'\n"),
933f1b2e 44 return 0;


2dd1150a 239 return config_error_nonbool(var);
1e58de8c 1046 return code;
1e58de8c 1054 if (use_sideband)
1e58de8c 1055 finish_async(&muxer);
1e58de8c 1056 return code;
1e58de8c 1542 cmd->report.error_message = "broken symref";
1e58de8c 1727 cmd->report.error_message = "transaction failed to start";
2dd1150a 1839 continue;
1e58de8c 1866 if (!cmd->report.error_message)
1e58de8c 1867 cmd->report.error_message = "unable to migrate objects to permanent storage";
38a81b4e 2283 send_sideband(1, 1, buf.buf, buf.len, use_sideband);


933f1b2e 83 return NULL;


2129af73 23 break;
2129af73 36 break;


812a5889 1638 return NULL;
812a5889 1645 return branch->refname;
812a5889 1660 return NULL;
812a5889 1774 return NULL;


5e4553bd 182 if (new_options) {
5e4553bd 184 new_options = 0;
5e4553bd 186 ret = -1;
5e4553bd 187 continue;
5e4553bd 223 ret = -1;
5e4553bd 224 break;
5e4553bd 241 hint->status != REF_STATUS_OK &&
5e4553bd 242 hint->status != REF_STATUS_REMOTE_REJECT) {
5e4553bd 435 else if (server_supports("report-status"))


86696a9d 893 return NULL;
e12c40fd 1395 goto out;
e12c40fd 1399 goto out;
86696a9d 1477 res = -1;
86696a9d 1478 goto out;


a2371e32 103 goto print_usage_error;
92bca22f 109 goto print_usage_error;
92bca22f 114 fprintf(stderr, "Cannot use --submodule with read_early_config\n");
92bca22f 115 return TC_USAGE_ERROR;
92bca22f 130 fprintf(stderr, "Invalid argument to --submodule: '%s'\n",
92bca22f 132 free(subrepo);
92bca22f 133 ret = TC_USAGE_ERROR;
92bca22f 134 goto out;
a2371e32 160 printf("Value not found for \"%s\"\n", argv[1]);
b77651be 161 ret = TC_VALUE_NOT_FOUND;
a2371e32 167 printf("Value not found for \"%s\"\n", argv[1]);
b77651be 168 ret = TC_VALUE_NOT_FOUND;
a2371e32 175 printf("Value not found for \"%s\"\n", argv[1]);
b77651be 176 ret = TC_VALUE_NOT_FOUND;
92bca22f 187 fprintf(stderr, "Cannot use --submodule with configset_get_value\n");
92bca22f 188 ret = TC_USAGE_ERROR;
92bca22f 189 goto out;
a2371e32 205 printf("Value not found for \"%s\"\n", argv[1]);
b77651be 206 ret = TC_VALUE_NOT_FOUND;
92bca22f 210 fprintf(stderr, "Cannot use --submodule with configset_get_value_multi\n");
92bca22f 211 ret = TC_USAGE_ERROR;
92bca22f 212 goto out;
b77651be 218 ret = TC_CONFIG_FILE_ERROR;
b77651be 219 goto out;
a2371e32 232 printf("Value not found for \"%s\"\n", argv[1]);
b77651be 233 ret = TC_VALUE_NOT_FOUND;
92bca22f 239 fprintf(stderr, "Invalid syntax. Usage: test-tool config"
b77651be 241 ret = TC_USAGE_ERROR;


1e58de8c 133 usage_msg_opt("Too many arguments.", proc_receive_usage, options);


5e4553bd 837 hint = NULL;
5e4553bd 856 (*ref)->report.message = msg;

Commits introducing uncovered code:

Damien Robert 812a5889 remote.c: fix handling of %(push:remoteref)
Emily Shaffer 933f1b2e hook: add list command
Jiang Xin 1e58de8c receive-pack: add new proc-receive hook
Jiang Xin 5e4553bd New capability "report-status-v2" for git-push
Jiang Xin 2dd1150a receive-pack: new config receive.procReceiveRefs
Matheus Tavares a2371e32 t/helper/test-config: facilitate addition of new cli options
Matheus Tavares 92bca22f config: correctly read worktree configs in submodules
Matheus Tavares b77651be t/helper/test-config: return exit codes consistently
Matheus Tavares e26e8bfc grep: honor sparse checkout patterns
Miriam Rubio 36b543b5 bisect--helper: fix `cmd_*()` function switch default return
Miriam Rubio 9aadf776 bisect--helper: introduce new `write_in_file()` function
Phillip Wood 86696a9d rebase -i: support --ignore-date
Phillip Wood e12c40fd rebase -i: support --committer-date-is-author-date
Pranit Bauva 10520dbf bisect--helper: reimplement `bisect_state` & `bisect_head` shell functions in C
Pranit Bauva 05a69202 bisect--helper: reimplement `bisect_autostart` shell function in C
Pranit Bauva f0bf9482 bisect--helper: finish porting `bisect_start()` to C
Pranit Bauva 587c9fac bisect--helper: reimplement `bisect_next` and `bisect_auto_next` shell functions in C
Shawn O. Pearce 38a81b4e receive-pack: Wrap status reports inside side-band-64k
Taylor Blau 2129af73 list_objects_filter_options: introduce 'list_object_filter_config_name'

Uncovered code in 'jch' not in 'next'

jch d9855b418b6ffe688a28097b01b040003bf6233f
next b3809f4674cea6e2f5db8a478a39b85851690c7d



ea3f7e59 1062 if (repo_parse_commit(revs->repo, p) < 0)

Commits introducing uncovered code:

Matheus Tavares 2bf74f31 hex: make hash_to_hex_algop() and friends thread-safe
Michael Forney ea3f7e59 revision: use repository from rev_info when parsing commits

Uncovered code in 'next' not in 'master'

next b3809f4674cea6e2f5db8a478a39b85851690c7d
master 4a0fcf9f760c9774be77f51e1e88a7499b53d2e2


17e6275f 1780 return -1;

Commits introducing uncovered code:

Derrick Stolee 7b671f8c commit-graph: change test to die on parse, not load
SZEDER Gábor 17e6275f commit-graph: simplify chunk writes into loop
SZEDER Gábor 2dd4fed9 commit-graph: check chunk sizes after writing

Uncovered code in 'master' not in 'master@{1}'

master 4a0fcf9f760c9774be77f51e1e88a7499b53d2e2
master@{1} 101b3204f37606972b40fc17dec84560c22f69f6


f64b6a1f 184 die_errno(_("unable to write to %s"), report_path.buf);



8bfcb3a6 329 usage(builtin_diff_usage);


a0f65641 149 b = container_of(entry_or_key, const struct anonymized_entry, hash);
a0f65641 150 return strcmp(a->orig, b->orig);
65b5d9fa 177 ret = NULL;
750bb325 731 anonymize_oid(oid_to_hex(&obj->oid)) :


9da69a65 246 pack_lockfiles.items[i].string);





bb095d08 1644 hash = hash_algos[GIT_HASH_SHA1].name;
bb095d08 1645 len = strlen(hash);


88a09a55 29 hash_algo = hash_algo_by_name(hash_name);
88a09a55 30 if (hash_algo == GIT_HASH_UNKNOWN)
88a09a55 32 repo_set_hash_algo(the_repository, hash_algo);




c9b77f2c 105 strbuf_addf(reason, _("unable to read gitdir file (%s)"),
916133ef 166 return -1;


6161ce7b 33 return NULL;
6161ce7b 70 status = -1;
6161ce7b 71 break;


4844812b 1349 data->generation = GENERATION_NUMBER_MAX;


1349ffed 98 return 0;
9de0dd36 477 reader->hash_algo = &hash_algos[GIT_HASH_SHA1];
122037c2 566 hash = hash_algos[GIT_HASH_SHA1].name;
122037c2 567 len = strlen(hash);
122037c2 573 hash = next_server_feature_value("object-format", &len, &offset);



4b831208 1212 the_hash_algo->name, hash_name);
4b831208 1214 } else if (hash_algo_by_ptr(the_hash_algo) != GIT_HASH_SHA1) {
4b831208 1216 the_hash_algo->name);


8e6adb69 30 walker_targets_free(commits, commit_id, write_ref);
8e6adb69 33 fprintf(stderr,
8d5d2a34 128 commits = walker_targets_stdin(&commit_id, &write_ref);


67541597 2047 return ret;
67541597 2062 ret = -1;


7f605017 199 algo = hash_algo_by_name(value);
7f605017 200 if (algo == GIT_HASH_UNKNOWN)
7f605017 202 options.hash_algo = &hash_algos[algo];
ac093d07 264 return NULL;
ac093d07 282 transport_anonymize_url(url.buf));




8b85ee4f 1113 exit(128);


acaaca7d 210 return readsz;
acaaca7d 438 send_client_data(1, output_state.buffer, output_state.used,
e9d882b8 1029 data->multi_ack = MULTI_ACK;
f8edd1ca 1039 data->use_sideband = DEFAULT_PACKET_MAX;
b5a2068c 1076 data->no_progress = 1;
f203a88c 1193 data->keepalive = git_config_int(var, value);
f203a88c 1194 if (!data->keepalive)
f203a88c 1195 data->keepalive = -1;
dd4b732d 1412 string_list_clear(&data->uri_protocols, 0);


14570dc6 112 return res;


051df3cf 1491 return;

Commits introducing uncovered code:

Abhishek Kumar 4844812b commit-graph: introduce commit_graph_data_slab
brian m. carlson 122037c2 connect: add function to detect supported v1 hash functions
brian m. carlson 14570dc6 wrapper: add function to compare strings with different NUL termination
brian m. carlson 8b85ee4f transport-helper: implement object-format extensions
brian m. carlson 82db03ab send-pack: detect when the server doesn't support our hash
brian m. carlson ac093d07 remote-curl: detect algorithm for dumb HTTP by size
brian m. carlson 7f605017 remote-curl: implement object-format extensions
brian m. carlson 4b831208 fetch-pack: parse and advertise the object-format capability
brian m. carlson ab67235b connect: parse v2 refs with correct hash algorithm
brian m. carlson 9de0dd36 serve: advertise object-format capability for protocol v2
brian m. carlson 1349ffed connect: add function to fetch value of a v2 server capability
brian m. carlson 6161ce7b bundle: detect hash algorithm when reading refs
brian m. carlson 48bf1415 fetch-pack: detect when the server doesn't support our hash
brian m. carlson 88a09a55 builtin/show-index: provide options to determine hash algo
brian m. carlson bb095d08 builtin/receive-pack: detect when the server doesn't support our hash
brian m. carlson 586740aa builtin/index-pack: add option to specify hash algorithm
Chris Torek 8bfcb3a6 git diff: improve range handling
Christian Couder f203a88c upload-pack: move keepalive to upload_pack_data
Christian Couder f8edd1ca upload-pack: move use_sideband to upload_pack_data
Christian Couder e9d882b8 upload-pack: change multi_ack to an enum
Christian Couder ea2c6e60 upload-pack: refactor common code into do_got_oid()
Don Goodman-Wilson 8747ebb7 init: allow setting the default for the initial branch name via the config
Elijah Newren 051df3cf wt-status: show sparse checkout status as well
Elijah Newren f7f5c6c0 clean: consolidate handling of ignored parameters
Elijah Newren 351ea1c3 dir, clean: avoid disallowed behavior
Eric Sunshine c9b77f2c worktree: factor out repeated string literal
Eric Sunshine 916133ef worktree: prune linked worktree referencing main worktree path
Eric Sunshine d179af67 worktree: generalize candidate worktree path validation
Jeff King b5a2068c upload-pack: actually use some upload_pack_data bitfields
Jeff King 750bb325 fast-export: store anonymized oids as hex strings
Jeff King 65b5d9fa fast-export: allow seeding the anonymized mapping
Jeff King a0f65641 fast-export: stop storing lengths in anonymized hashmaps
Johannes Schindelin 32ba12da init: allow specifying the initial branch name for the new repository
Jonathan Tan acaaca7d upload-pack: refactor reading of pack-objects out
Jonathan Tan dd4b732d upload-pack: send part of packfile response as uri
Jonathan Tan 8d5d2a34 http-fetch: support fetching packfiles by URL
Jonathan Tan 8e6adb69 http-fetch: refactor into function
Jonathan Tan 9da69a65 fetch-pack: support more than one pack lockfile
Patrick Steinhardt 67541597 refs: implement reference transaction hook
Randall S. Becker f64b6a1f bugreport.c: replace strbuf_write_fd with write_in_full
Shourya Shukla 2964d6e5 submodule: port subcommand 'set-branch' from shell to C
Xin Li 98564d80 sparse-checkout: upgrade repository to version 1 when enabling extension